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Prices 2021

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PRICES 2021 VEHICLE CATEGORY: BUS GROUPS: Private Car E-Car / H2-Car Motorcycle E-Motorcycle Truck 1 Truck 2 Adults Children GROSSGLOCKNER HIGH ALPINE ROAD Day ticket 1) 37.50 27.50 27.50 21.– Extra charge for 2nd day 7) 13.– 13.– 13.– 13.– 3-week-ticket 4) 61.– 51.– Season ticket 6) 106.– 106.– Round trip ticket 2) 44.– 34.– Truck ticket 3) 47.– 121.– Bus groups / per person 3) up to 6 passenger or empty bus EUR 37.50 5.90 2.90 GERLOS ALPINE ROAD Day ticket 10.– 9.– 7.– 6.– 8-day-ticket 4) 5) 22.– 17.– 3-week-ticket 4) 5) 38.– 25.– One-year ticket 4) 5) 52.– 52.– 122.– Truck ticket 3) 17.50 26.– Bus groups / per person 3) up to 6 passenger or empty bus EUR 11.40 1.90 0.90 GOLDECK PANORAMIC ROAD One way ticket 15.– 9.– Truck ticket 23.– 33.– Bus groups / per person up to 6 passenger or empty bus EUR 18.– 3.– 1.50 NOCKALM ROAD Day ticket 20.– 15.– 14.– 13.– 3-week-ticket 4) 33.– 26.– Season ticket 6) 55.50 55.50 Truck ticket 3) 26,– 35.50 Bus groups / per person 3) up to 6 passenger or empty bus EUR 23.40 3.90 1.90 VILLACH ALPINE ROAD One way ticket 19.– 14.– 12.50 11.50 3-week-ticket 4) 28.– 21.– Season ticket 6) 52.50 52.50 Truck ticket 24.– 30.– Bus groups / per person up to 6 passenger or empty bus EUR 19.80 3.30 1.60 Explanation of the bus prices: Bus prices are based on the actual number of passengers carried, excluding the driver and one tour guide. However, the cashier may check the vehicle to verify this information. If the specified number of persons is incorrect, then instead of the group rate, the adult rate will be charged for the actual number of seats stated in the vehicle’s registration certificate. For group trips of schoolchildren or adolescents up to the age of 18, the child rate will be charged. One accompanying adult is free per 10 children. Vehicle categories (classification according to vehicle registration certificate) For all categories, the towing vehicle and trailer are to be calculated together in the weight specifications. Passenger cars up to 8 people, excluding the driver; trucks up to 2000 kg tare weight. Only for hydrogen- and e-vehicles (EV), no hybrid vehicles (HEV), amongst others. Trucks up to 3500 kg maximum gross vehicle weight (GVWR). Trucks, tractors and other freight pulling vehicles over 3500 kg maximum gross vehicle weight (GVWR). All vehicles for commercial passenger transport (taxis, rental cars, hotel buses, etc.). The category “car” includes motor homes up to 3500 kg (GVWR) and caravan combinations with a towing vehicle up to 3500 kg GVWR. Motor homes and caravans with towing vehicles from 3500 kg to 7500 kg GVWR are categorized as “Truck 1”; over 7500 kg GVWR are categorized as “Truck 2”. 1) The day ticket for cars is reduced to EUR 27.50 and for motorcycles to EUR 21,– for trips after 6.00 p.m. 2) Round trip tickets are valid for one trip on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road and one trip on the Felbertauern Road within 30 days. 3) The return trip on the same day is free of charge. 4) Time tickets: 8-day or 3-week tickets are valid for 8 or 22 consecutive days (including the date of issue). One-year ticket for the Gerlos Alpine Road are valid for one year from the date of issue. Time tickets arenot valid for commercial passenger transport (taxis, rental cars, car-sharing vehicles, hotel buses, etc.) and are non-transferable. 5) If the Gerlos Alpine Road is used free of charge during winter ski operation, buyers of transit passes are not entitled to reimbursement for this reason (taxis, rental cars and car-sharing vehicles are excluded from purchasing annual passes). 6) Season tickets are valid from the first day of the season until winter closing, but no later than 31 December of the year issued. Season tickets can only be purchased for private vehicles (not for company cars, taxis and rental cars and car-sharing vehicles or other commercial uses). Classification is determined by vehicle registration certificate only (Austrian Terms of Vehicle Use 01) 7) Valid during the same calendar year in which the ticket was presented for the first trip, non-transferable and linked to the license plate of the vehicle. The general terms and conditions as well, as the information about data protection, apply according to the respective website (see under “Information”) and are posted at the ticket window. Automatic license plate capture by video camera. For detailed information, see Terms and Conditions. All prices in Euro – including 20% VAT. Subject to changes and errors! Inclusive-Cards: Persons without a card pay a surcharge of 5 Euros (KärntenCard, Nationalpark SommerCard, etc.). Further information can be found on the respective website (see Prices & Opening Hours).