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Nockalm Coach Brochure

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Biosphärenpark Zentrum

Biosphärenpark Zentrum Nockalmhof Heiligenbachhütte 5 Pfandlhütte 6 Bauernladen Eisentalhöhe 8 Steigerhütte 12 Grundalm Silva Magica 13 Wolitzen Alm 14 Kasse Sigis 19 Natursaibling 9 Karlbad 1 Innerkrems 10 Tangernerhütte 11 Stangalmhütte Weg der Elemente SCHIESTLSCHARTE 15 17 18 Priesshütte Glockenhütte 16 Windebensee Bad Kleinkirchheim FALKERTSEE PATERGASSEN Feldkirchen SPITTAL P 4 Kremsbrücke, Rennweg 7 Kasse A10 SAUREGGEN 20 Ebene Reichenau SALZBURG BUNDSCHUH 2 Penker hütte 3 Jauchzahütte Zechneralm Bauernmarkt TURRACHER HÖHE N SPECIAL INFORMATION FOR BUSES: 3 Nockalmhof Biosphere Reserve Center 4 buses 5 Pfandlhütte: 6 buses 6 Almwirtschaftsmuseum Zechneralm: 3 buses 7 Eisentalhöhe: 4 buses 8 Karlbad: 3 buses 11 Grundalm: 6 buses 13 Glockenhütte: 4 buses 14 Windebensee / Weg der Elemente: 3 buses 17 SIGIS Natursaibling: 3 buses Playgrounds are available at the following places: Nockalmhof, Pfandlhütte, Zechneralm, Karlbad, Tangernerhütte, Wolitzenalm, Glockenhütte, Priesshütte DRIVING TIME: Salzburg – Innerkrems 1 hour 40 minutes Salzburg – Ebene Reichenau 2 hour 10 minutes Kassenstelle Innerkrems – Ebene Reichenau cashpoint 50 minutes Innerkrems cashpoint – Nockalmhof 5 minutes Innerkrems cashpoint – Pfandlhütte 10 minutes Innerkrems cashpoint – Zechneralm 12 minutes Innerkrems cashpoint – Eisentalhöhe 15 minutes Innerkrems cashpoint – Karlbad 20 minutes Innerkrems cashpoint – Grundalm 25 minutes Innerkrems cashpoint – Glockenhütte 35 minutes Innerkrems cashpoint – Windebensee 38 minutes Innerkrems cashpoint – Weg der Elemente 40 minutes Villach – Innerkrems 70 minutes Panorama Information board Bikers-Point Playground Exhibition WC/Restrooms WC for the disabled Cashpoint electric vehicle charging station duce. The legendary “Wishing Bell” is located behind the lodge on the Schiestlscharte. Visitors can strike the bell with a stick to set it in motion. Shop and Bikers‘ Point. Buses are welcome. Rene Seitner, Tel.: +43 (4279) 7213 E-Mail: · 16 Windebensee (1,950 m) A uniquely scenic nature trail on “The alpine community” around the Windebensee with numerous information boards (walking time: approx. 20 minutes). A 400-m trail leads from the Windebensee up to the Glocken Lodge (walking time: approx. 15-minutes). 17 Weg Der Elemente (1,950 m) The “Elements Trail,” based on Dr. Wolfgang Hofmeister‘s idea, is a 1.5-km loop trail featuring stone circles with instructions for exercises, combining ancient and contemporary concepts. Buses can park along the Nockalm Road. 18 Priesshütte (1,700 m) The lodge is located right on the Nockalm Road. Guests will be pampered with home-style Carinthian cooking, Reindling cake and schnapps. Christian Gruber, Tel.: +43 (664) 2106773 E-Mail: · 19 SIGIS Natursaibling (1,300 m) The Gruber family operates a char fish farm next to the Ebene Reichenau cashpoint. Hot and cold char specialties are offered daily. Siegfried Gruber Tel.: +43 (4275) 23138 or +43 (664) 3965548 E-Mail: · 20 Ebene Reichenau (1,095 m) The village already served the Celts as the last place to rest before starting on the steep ascent to Turracher Höhe. The management of the Nocky Mountain Biosphere Reserve is located in town. To walk from Ebene Reichenau to Innerkrems (south-north), read the description of the route in the reverse order.

THE HIGHLIGHT OF A TRIP ON THE NOCKALM ROAD An outdoor adventure in Carinthia‘s Nocky Mountain Biosphere Reserve featuring the highlight of the season: alpine roses in full bloom starting in the middle/end of June. Convenient access from the two starting points, Innerkrems in the north and Ebene Reichenau in the south, to the highest point on the road, the Eisentalhöhe at an altitude of 2,042 meters above sea level. Countess free exhibitions along the road and innovative themed trails such as the Silva Magica, a unique place to experience and explore natural beings. Hiking in the home of the Alpine Speick herb (Valeriana celtica), known for its healing powers. It may only be harvested by a limited number of alpine farmers. A variety of culinary offerings from the traditional alpine cabin to their very own lake trout fish farm. Nocky Mountain Biosphere Reserve: Information on guides hikes and bus guides Tel.: +43 (4275) 665, FACTS & FIGURES Road length: 34 kilometers Valley towns: Innerkrems in the north, Ebene Reichenau in the south Ascent: Panorama road to 2,042 meters (Eisentalhöhe) Number of hairpin bends: 52 Shop & bistro: Nockalmhof Biosphere Reserve Center Barrier-free restrooms: Nockalmhof Biosphere Reserve Center, Grundalm and Glockenhütte Cashpoints, rescue & breakdown service: Innerkrems Information Office: +43 (4736) 265 Ebene Reichenau Information Office: +43 (4275) 7494 Important information for buses: Automatic license plate recognition at the cashpoints: drivers must drive up to the light barrier next to the cashier‘s booth. No clearance on the parking lot by bus drivers or tour guide is possible. Over 29 free bus parking spaces along the road. Picnic tables and benches are available at most parking lots. Parking: Parking spaces along the road are free of charge. Important information for bikers: Bikers‘ Point on Eisentalhöhe with lockers. REGULAR CUSTOMER DISCOUNTS FOR OUR PARTNERS Become a coach operator, taxi companies or tour operator preffered customer of the Land Kärnten – Nockalmstrasse. Information under

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