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Nockalm Coach Brochure

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GENTLE MOUNTAINS, OVERWHELMING NATURAL BEAUTY The Nockalm Road in Carinthia comes very close to being the perfect stretch of road. It leads 34 kilometers through gently rolling mountains covered by alpine lodges, pastures, sparse forests, lakes and flowering alpine rose meadows. In contrast to the steep alpine highlands of the Grossglockner High Alpine Road, the Nockalm Road promises a pleasant “easy going” trip. In designing the road, great importance was attached to preserving the landscape. NATURAL AND CULINARY DELIGHTS The gentle Nocky Mountains, vegetated all the way up to the summit, are a geological rarity and unique in the Alps. Numerous hairpin bends – referred to as “Reidn” in Carinthia – and the relatively gentle ascent afford wonderful panoramic views. Plenty of culinary delights are available at the stops: the hut wardens along the road pamper visitors with Carinthian specialties such as thick barley soup “Carinthian Ritschart” (smoked ribs with barley and vegetables), “Reindling” (a yeast cake filled with cinnamon and raisins) or homemade cheeses. Many restaurants specialize in large bus groups. EXHIBITIONS AND NATURE TRAILS In addition, the road offers a number of exhibitions such as the “Marmot Show,” the “Museum for Alpine Farming” on the Zechneralm or at the Nockalmhof Biosphere Reserve Center the multimedia show with a 3D nature film “Green Islands in the River of Time” invite visitors to explore the region‘s special features. When the weather is nice, themed nature trails such as the “Elements Trail” or the “Silva Magica” adventure park offer an opportunity to explore nature on the Nocky Mountains with all of the senses on short hikes.

DESCRIPTION OF TOURS FROM INNERKREMS TO EBENE REICHENAU (NORTH-SOUTH): * Lodge is off the road and not accessible by bus. 1 Innerkrems (1,500 m) 2 Penkerhütte (1,790 m)* The Penker family‘s lodge is located just off the road. The lodge is open from mid-June to end-September. No bus access. Georg Penker, Tel.: +43 (664) 4957209 E-Mail: · 3 Jauchzahütte * Enjoy a magnificent panoramic view at 1,920 meters above sea level. AOS GmbH, Tel.: +43 (664) 88696721 · 4 Nockalmhof Biosphere Reserve Center (1,700 m) The fossil exhibition „Petrified Worlds“, which is unique in Austria, is located at the Biosphere Park Center right at the Nockalmhof. Visitors can look forward to a new multimedia and 3D cinema, spacious restaurant, permanent exhibitions, a shop, the Biosphere Reserve Information Corner, an interactive children‘s “Bats” exhibition, a playground and panorama information boards. Free admission, open daily from 10.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. Tel.: +43 (662) 873673-0, E-Mail: 5 Heiligenbachhütte (1,860 m)* The Heiligenbach Lodge is only a few minutes‘ walk from the road. The rustic lodge features a conglomeration of butter molds, lace doilies and wall coverings. The lodge serves delicious Carinthian delicacies and fresh buttermilk. Family Walter Dullnig, Tel.: +43 (4735) 281 or +43 (664) 3430939 6 Pfandlhütte (1,860 m) In the Pfandlhütte there is the new exhibition „Wild Nocky Mountains“. Interactive stations offer interesting insights into how the wild animals, farm animals and people in the Nockalm area get along together like „good neighbours“. Free admission, open daily from 10.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. (takes approx. 30 minutes). Playground, petting zoo and Carinthian specialties as well as a shop Family Laggner, Tel.: +43 (4736) 22125 E-Mail: · 7 Zechneralm (1,900 m) The museum on the Zechneralm provides information on life in Carinthia over the last few centuries. A quaint farmers‘ market offers produce from the Nockalm region. Buses are welcome at Zechneralm. Its extensive menu includes Carinthian specialties as well as game dishes. Family Frühauf, Tel.: +43 (4736 ) 304 E-Mail: · 8 Eisentalhöhe (2,042 m) The Eisentalhöhe, the highest point on the Nockalm Road, has a lookout platform with a stunning view of the Nockalm region. Panorama boards describe the major mountain peaks and provide information on Speick plants. A shop offers Speik products, a bistro and biker lockers. The Eisentalhöhe is the point of departure for short hikes to the Königstuhl or the Eisentalhöhe (30 minutes each). DI Andreas Paul Irsa, Tel: +43 (4732) 2324 or +43 (676) 9427126, E-Mail: 9 Karlbad (1,693 m) This rustic spa is over 300 years old and a true rarity. Regulars and spa guests enjoy the healing treatments with radon spring water in ancient larch vats, heated with conglomerate rock containing iron and sulfur. The Karlbad is closed in the morning during the spa operations, tours can be scheduled from 1:00 p.m. by prior arrangement. The restaurant is known for its fish and game dishes, pork roasts, cheese noodles and distilled rowanberry schnapps. Family Aschbacher, Tel.: +43 (664) 9683926 or +43 (664) 9683927 10 Tangernerhütte (1,715 m)* You will reach the Tangerner Lodge after a short, 20-minute walk. The proprietors, Edeltraud and Siegfried Göschl, serve nine different homemade cheeses and liqueurs. Large outdoor area with children‘s playground. Buses can park along the road. Family Edeltraud Göschl, Tel.: +43 (664) 5309512 E-Mail: 11 Stangalm (1.700 m) * At the mountain farm, about 80 litres of milk are processed daily for butter and various types of cheese. Ewald Brence, Tel.: +43 (680) 1208183 or +43 (664) 1040385 12 Steigerhütte (1,481 m)* The Steiger Lodge is also set in an idyllic location slightly off the Nockalm Road. All dishes are prepared with produce from the proprietor‘s own farm. Family Franz Leitner, Tel.: +43 (664) 1477437 or +43 (664) 3698059 13 Grundalm “Silva Magica” (1,688 m) The Silva Magica is the only place in the world where natural phenomena and natural beings can be experienced and explored. The loop trail was designed by local and international artists under the supervision of the horticulturalist, Johannes Matthiessen. A geological path with energy loungers is also incorporated in the Silva Magica. The Grundalm is home to a remarkable exhibition about „Trees as Survival Artists“. 14 Wolitzenalm (1,777 m)* This lodge invites visitors to take a short walk and return for a hearty snack featuring Carinthian specialities. Marianne Kohlmayer, Tel.: +43 (664) 4648431 15 Glockenhütte (2,024 m) “Schiestlscharte” The Nocky Mountain Biosphere Reserve administration installed a natural history exhibition on the first floor featuring a multimedia show. A farmers market offers delicious farm pro-

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