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Austria's most beautiful panoramic roads

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THINGS TO KNOW DISCOUNTS We offer discounts to certain club-members or card holders of different region and guest cards. Find out more from your host or from your holiday region (e.g. Kärnten Card, Salzburger Land Card, Zell am See- Kaprun Card, Motorradland Kärnten, Hohe Tauern National Park Sommercard Mobil, Moho motor bike hotels etc.). Special discounts for E-vehicles. Discounts (pre-booked tickets for cars and motorbikes) are also available for customers of ÖAMTC, ADAC, ARBÖ etc. Economic combo-tickets are for example the round trip tickets for Grossglockner High Alpine Road and Felbertauern road or the TOUR-Ticket (especially for motorbikes). The panoramic roads ticket for Carinthia is available exclusively at the Motorradland Kärnten-Hotels. 6 ONLINE-TICKETING This is brand new for the Grossglockner High Alpine Road Online-tickets. More information log on to Video “Safety tips for bikers” FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE & CO Always stay well-informed about the current events on our roads. Also we are pleased to read your posts of Facebook & Co. You can find videos of the safety tips for motorbike riders on Youtube. There are WLAN points along the Grossglockner High Alpine Road. Simply ask for it! SERVICE FOR MOTORBIKE RIDERS We are eager to offer high safety standards and lot of comfort to the motorbike riders. We have provided the following on our roads: Biker Points, Biker parking areas and Biker Safes Protection against sharp-edged crash barrier posts Use of pavements with maximum tyre grip during road surface renovation GPS tours to download on our website A glimpse into the Käfertal and of the Glockner group of the Hohe Tauern, Hohe Dock (3,348 m) on your right

5 TIPS TO DRIVE ON ALPINE PANORAMIC ROADS 1 Adjust your driving style to the road conditions. 2 Stay informed about the weather forecasts. There are advices for all our tours: For some roads good stamina, driving skills and/or the mountain experience is necessary especially for motorbike drivers. In order to enjoy the tours to fullest, you should make sure that you don’t overestimate yourself. 3 Keep in mind the road opening hours. The weather can change quickly in the mountains and in the high mountains regions. Snowfall or severe thunderstorms are not uncommon: Also there can be a strong drop in the temperature within an extremely short time. Inform yourself in advance about the weather and take a look at our Webcams. Bring warm clothes. 7 Not all our roads are continuously open: There is a ban on night-journeys on some roads due to ecological reasons. Get information about the opening hours in good time and consider it in your schedule 4 Drive thoughtfully and avoid making any noise. You shall be amid a high-ranking protected zone. Please avoid any unnecessary noise and please respect the subjective feel of security of the other road users, specially during the overtaking manoeuvres. 5 Take care of the brakes. In case of driving through the passes and Alpine roads, check the brake fluid before the journey and change, if required. On steep descending slopes change to the second gear, at times also to the first and use the exhaust brakes. Drivers of automatic cars should set the gear shift to manual or the set the level 1-2-3. Tip: Study the operating manual carefully.

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