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Austria's most beautiful panoramic roads

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A glimpse of the Nockalm

A glimpse of the Nockalm road in the direction of Ebene Reichenau in the south. Unique fossil exhibition “Fossilized worlds” in the Biosphere Reserve Centre 52 Since 2012 the UNESCO- Biosphere Reserve Nockberge is one of the five reserves in Austria. Flora and also the history of the Nock Mountains with all our senses. In the Carboniferous period, about 300 million years ago, the Nock Mountains formed a flat level, which was pushed through by big rivers. Natural forests of enormous horsetail and gigantic 30 m high ferns formed an impermeable jungle. Metres long, fossilized remains of these forests are on display in the Nockalmhof. This unique exhibition also displays the best fossil findings from Carinthia in perfectly prepared, metres high plates – pure geological history. While the exhibition “fossilized worlds“ allows a glimpse in the past with the help of valuable fossil finding, the monumental 3D film throws light on the present life of the people and animals in the Nock Mountains. Both the offers are naturally freely available. WISHES IN THE WIND Along the Nockalm road the various exhibitions and special attractions invite you with a free of cost entry so that you would set aside your vehicle and explore the area on foot: It would be a shame to simply race across the road without looking left and right. For example in the Pfandlhütte, there is an exhibition about “wild animals” that gives a good insight in their living environment. On Zechneralm an Alpine Farming Museum is set up; the children, however, love the huge playground “Marmot Lair”. A wonderful sensory and interactive exhibition about “Trees as survivors“ has been arranged at the Grundalm.

In the Glockenhütte, at the 2,024-metres-high Schiestlscharte, a natural history exhibition informs about the special features of the region with a multi-vision show. Up here, another attraction should be explored: One who rings the Wunschglocke (wishing bell) in Schiestlscharte, is allowed to know whether his wish spoken in the wind shall come true or not. The legendary Karlbad is also worth a detour: House and spa guests enjoy the ancient larch tubs healing techniques with radon-bearing spring water in the more than 300 years old “Bauernbad”, which is heated with the help of ferrous and sulphurous conglomerate stones. DELICIOUS CARINTHIAN KITCHEN Carinthian noodles, Ričet, hand-made cheese or Reindling: The Carinthian kitchen is famous for their delicacies, which are also served along the Nockalm road. Each address has their own delicacies on the menu cards: From the home-made mountain cheese at Penkerhütte in Innerkrems to the char breeding in Ebene Reichenau. An insider’s tip on culinary art is the rustic Heiligenbachhütte with its pretty smorgasbord in butter moulds, dollies and wall coverings. The home-made specialities are also served in Tangernerhütte, which is a bit outside the Nockalm road. The hike to that place takes about 25 minutes. The gourmets are excited about the snacks specialities with new different cheese types, bacon and liver sausages, liqueur and Kaiserschmarrn. The kitchen of Karlbad is again very well known for fish and game dishes, roast port and Kasnudeln. There is an individual culinary guide for the Nockalm road, which can be order free of cost at NOCKALM ROAD 53 THE NATURE BLOSSOMS RARELY The wonderful natural landscapes of the Nock Mountains invite for small walks and good long hikes. The theme trails like the “Weg der Elemente” (Road of elements), the round trail “Alpine Lebensgemeinschaften” (Alpine symbiotic communities) around the Windeben lake or the “Silva Magica” – the unique global experience and adventure area to the topic natural beings – are worth a detour during an excursion. A unique speciality of the Nock Mountains are the rare Alpine valerian blooms, which are allowed to be picked and collected by some Carinthian families only. They are processed for famous personal-care products.

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