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Austria's most beautiful panoramic roads

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Historic border stones

Historic border stones as companion with Brennkogel (3,018 m) in the background. CONTENTS Breakdown emergency call, contact, opening hours Page 4 -5 Things to know Page 6 5 tips to drive on alpine panoramic roads Page 7 Grossglockner High Alpine Road Page 9 Addresses: Sleeping & eating in the mountains Page 23 TOUR 1: Across the Grossglockner Page 26 Gerlos Alpine Road Page 35 TOUR 2: The big 6 Passes Tour across the Gerlos pass Page 40 Nockalm road Page 49 Addresses: Sleeping & eating in the mountains Page 57 TOUR 3: Through the Nocky Mountains Page 58 Villach Alpine Road and Goldeck Panoramic Road Page 67 Addresses: Sleeping & eating in the mountains Page 73 TOUR 4: Curve-adventure in the tri-border area Page 74 Publication details Page 82

ARE YOU STILL DRIVING OR ARE YOU ALREADY ENJOYING? Men and motors – this love story is over a century old. This love is based on the desire to travel: To feel the wind, to see the landscapes pass by and the experience the high mountains of Austria. To stop wherever one likes. To keep driving as long as one wants. 3 Today, the car or the bike is a symbol for freedom. Did you know that the famous architect and designer of the Grossglockner High Alpine Road, Franz Wallack, travelled with an open roof his entire life: In this way, he was always close to nature and also to the seasons in his favourite convertible (BMW 327/28) or on his Indian Scout! We have put together four pleasure tours for you, which Franz Wallack would have liked too. You travel through four Austrian federal provinces to Italy. They literally carry you away over “across all the mountains” and across our most beautiful panoramic roads: The Grossglockner High Alpine Road, the Gerlos Alpine Road, the Nockalm road and the Villach Alpine Road with a detour of the Goldeck Panoramic Road. Enjoy each tour and »experience « the »Alpine Austria«

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