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Hiking tips Grossglockner High Alpine Road

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Guttalkees im Westen.

Guttalkees im Westen. Vom Hochtor Südportal (1) gelangen wir teils auf Treppen am Kelten-Römer-Säumer-Lehrweg zum Hochtorsattel, GROSSGLOCKNER HIGH ALPINE ROAD westen hinauf und queren an dessen Nordseite mit eingelagertem Trümmerkar zur nördlich gelegenen Kammscharte. Einen Blockgipfel BRENNKOGEL 0 500 m 1 km 4 3 2 210 1 > to the Bretterscharte col (2) (2,601 m). You may pass the East Bretterspitze spur (on a marked track) or cross on a path on its southern slope. Soon, you receive a surprise in the form of a small, block-surrounded lake fed with summer snow. The Brettersee, located lower down, also contributes to the varied scenery within this uniquely beautiful mountain landscape, while moraines on higher ground give you a glimpse back in time. From there, the Brennkogelscharte col (3) (2,796 m) is a nearby waypoint (post). Further ascent is now easy on the south ridge (cairns), mostly over smooth, slightly tilted rocks up to the Westgipfel (‘West Summit’; 2,979 m), where you make a short descent into a notch with debris. A small, circular, earth-coloured lake cirque has formed here, though this may dry up in late summer. The peak is then shielded with blocks up to the summit cross (with register), a gift since 1986 by road operator Großglockner Hochalpenstraße-AG. QUICK FACTS DEPARTURE POINT: Hochtor tunnel’s south portal (Hochtor Südportal), 2.504 m. WALKING TIME: 5½ hrs. ALTITUDE DIFFERENCE: 680m. DETAILS: Magnificent landscape, popular route, not difficult in the right conditions. AMENITIES: Hochtor tunnel’s south portal with shop and exhibit (worth a visit).