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R 5 Fuscher Törl

R 5 Fuscher Törl Mankeiwirt, Fuscher Lake 9 Exhibition “Pass and Sacred Site, Hochtor” 5 FUSCHER TÖRL (2,428 M) The Fuscher Törl is important due to its location overlooking the Grossglockner and the surrounding three-thousanders, but also because of its architecture it is a favourite with visitors to the Grossglockner High Alpine Road. The memorial was erected in memory of the builders of the scenic road and is a popular photo site. 6 BIRDS OF PREY INFORMATION POINT (2,320 M) After Fuscher Törl it starts to go downhill again for the first time. Shortly before Fuscher Lake, the “Birds of prey information point” board provides information about domestic birds of prey in the Glockner region. With any luck, they can also be observed in the wild. 7 FUSCHER LACKE (2,262 M) A stopover at Fuscher Lake offers plenty of variety: The small lake invites you to take a 10-minute walk and in the road keeper‘s house you can view an exhibition and documentation on the history of road construction: It is a really worthwhile endeavour with exciting original documents, audio samples, photos and plans. Across the street you can take a culinary break at the “Mankeiwirt”. Not infrequently guests here come face to face with the trusting marmots, which are raised by the owner. 8 GEOLOGICAL TRAIL (2,290 M) At the geological station during the “Alpine Nature Show” you can test the knowledge you’ve gained. In this area, the road closely follows the route of a thousand year old Roman and Celtic trail, which was later used as a trade route by muleteers. 9 HOCHTOR (2,504 M) – HEAD OF THE PASS The Hochtor, one of the most historically and geographically significant sites of the Grossglockner High Alpine Road: Here both the saddle point and the top of the pass are reached. In the middle of the tunnel is the border between the provinces of Salzburg and Carinthia. At the north portal, visitors enjoy a snow gully, perfect for snow slides or a snowball fight right up to midsummer. On the south side next to a souvenir shop with a bistro there is a grandiose exhibition entitled “Pass and Sacred Site, Hochtor”. It includes, among other things, a bronze Roman statuette of the demigod Hercules from the time of Christ‘s birth, which was found on the south side of the Hochtor tunnel. Other fragments of statuettes and Celtic and Roman coins are impressive proof of the existence of a shrine on the top of the Glockner Pass, which was very important as it is the shortest trade route between North and South. For visitors who want to walk in the footsteps of traders and slaves, it is possible to make the half-hour hike over the pass from portal to portal. 6 GROSSGLOCKNER.AT

7 Fuscher Lacke EISEVERANSTALTERBROSCH ENGL BRUCK AN DER GROSS - GLOCKNERSTRASSE Zell am See Grosses Wiesbachhorn 3.564 m Kassa 1 Piffkar Bischofshofen / Salzburg FUSCH AN DER GROSS- GLOCKNERSTRASSE Wildpark Ferleiten 10 SCHÖNECK (1,953 M) Fine culinary delights await visitors at the Gasthaus Schöneck. Next to the inn is a themed children‘s playground under the motto “From Egg to Butterfly”, which refers to the diverse flora and fauna of the nearby Glockner. A natural spectacle showing beautiful blossoms and insect diversity - the size of the meadow dwarfs visitors. A botanical tour leads across the meadow, which abounds with 140 different plant species. 2 Hochmais Bikers-Point Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe Visitor centre 2.369 m Gamsgrubenweg 11 Glacier train Haus Alpine Naturschau 3 Fuscher Törl 2.428 m Fuscherkarkopf 3.331 m P Glocknerhaus Schöneck Gletscherweg 10 5 4 6 Edelweiß-Spitze 2.571 m Infostelle Greifvögel 7 Fuscher Lacke 8 Geologischer Lehrweg 9 Hochtor 2.504 m Grossglockner cable car 11 KAISER-FRANZ-JOSEFS-HÖHE (2,369 M) The highlight of the excursion is the Kaiser-Franz-Josefs- Höhe, which got its name because of the Kaiser’s visit in 1856. Once there, coaches are mostly directed to their own parking spaces - and the “Hoher Sattel” rest area, from which there is a free shuttle service. Only in off-peak times can coaches approach the higher situated Parking Lot 3 directly. The tour of the visitor centre takes about 30 to 45 minutes to complete. (For information about the exhibitions, see page 3). PASTERZE Grossglockner 3.798 m Kasereck 12 HEILIGENBLUT AM GROSSGLOCKNER Lienz Kassa WINKLERN Spittal a. Drau Villach 12 KASERECK (1,911 M) Between Guttal and Heiligenblut, the Kasereck is an information centre on the subject of the “Natural and Cultural Landscape of Upper Mölltal” and an Alm restaurant. COMING FROM CARINTHIA (SOUTH-NORTH) From Heiligenblut to Salzburg you first pass Kasereck (12) and Schöneck (10), before reaching Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe (11). From there the route description must be read in reverse order (from 12 to 1).