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DINING AND LODGING ON THE GROSS- GLOCKNER HIGH ALPINE ROAD A Gasthaus Lukashansl with Ferleiten Wildlife Park (directly at the cashier’s office-Ferleiten) Family Georg Mayr-Reisch, Tel.: +43 (6546) 220 B Restaurant Fuschertörl (Dr.-Franz-Rehrl-Haus) Family Sallaberger, Tel.: +43 (6545) 7420 or +43 (676) 6100411, C Edelweiss Hütte (not reachable by bus), Family Kurt Lederer Tel.: +43 (6545) 7425 or +43 (664) 2229069 D Römerhütte Family Wallensteiner, Tel: +43 (664) 7501191 E Restaurant Fuscherlacke “Mankeiwirt” Herbert and Helene Haslinger Tel.: +43 (6545) 6779-0 or +43 (664) 5250366 F Alpenhotel Wallackhaus Gerwald Wallner jun. Tel.: +43 (4824) 2223 or +43 (676) 4116877 G Gasthaus Schöneck Family Suntinger, Tel.: +43 (650) 2129802 H Dairy Glockner Knapp Kasa Family Ebner, Tel: +43 (664) 1122825 I Karl Volkert Haus Cecilia Seibald, Tel.: +43 (4824) 2518, J Glocknerhaus Helmut Schlager, Tel.: +43 (664) 2014595, +43 (4824) 24666, Starting point for hikes to the reservoir and to the Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe. K Pasterzenhaus Franz Zlöbl, Tel.: +43 (4824) 24637 or +43 (676) 4627387 L Restaurant Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Haus & Panorama Restaurant Alps Hotels Grossglockner Balthasar Sauper GmbH Tel.: +43 (4824) 2512 or +43 (664) 2868936, M Grossglockner Gastbetriebe - Freiwandeck Family Sauper, Tel.: +43 (4824) 2513 N Alm Restaurant Kasereck O Gasthaus Tauernalm Gerwald Wallner sen., Tel.: +43 (4824) 2059, Free guided tours of the Gamsgrube Nature Trail: Beginning of July - beginning of September, daily at 11:00 am, Meeting point: information point in the visitor centre of Kaiser-Franz- Josefs-Höhe. Equipment (alpine trail): solid, sturdy shoes, weatherproof clothing, daypack with water bottle, possibly hiking poles. Suitable for children age 6 or older. Duration: 2.5 hours (guided group tours also possible), Tel.: +43 (4825) 6161, Magic Moments: TOP-excursion program, FACTS ABOUT THE ROAD: Prices: For prices please visit our website With a passenger car or motorbike day ticket you can drive on the road on the date of issue as many times as you wish, exit and entrance is also possible. When travelling by coach, the return trip on the same day is free of charge (exit and entrance). Road Length: 48 km Valley communities: Ferleiten, Fusch an der Grossglocknerstrasse (Salzburg), Heiligenblut am Grossglockner (Carinthia) Altitude increase: The pass road rises to 2,504 meters (Hochtor), the access road to the Edelweiss Spitze rises to 2,571 meters (Caution: ban on vehicles over 3.5 tonnes) Number of curves: 27 bends on the north-south crossing, 3 bends on the Glacier Road, 6 bends on the road to the Edelweiss Spitze Minimum curve radius: 12 meters Average curve radius: 15 meters Tunnel height: Mittertörl- and Hochtor tunnels: up to 4 meters (single passage max. 4.2 meters.) Glockner Shops & Bistro: 1 Piffkar • Tel.: +43 (6546) 600-410 3 Haus Alpine Naturschau • Tel.: +43 (6546) 600-415 4 Edelweiss Peak 5 Fuscher Törl 9 Hochtor Pass • Tel.: +43 (6546) 600-430 10 Schöneck FURTHER INFORMATION: Accessible exhibitions and sanitary facilities: Cashier’s office - Ferleiten 3 Haus Alpine Naturschau (Upper Nassfeld) 9 Hochtor, south portal 12 Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe (visitor centre) G Gasthaus Schöneck J Glocknerhaus Cashier’s offices, emergency & breakdown services: Info-point Ferleiten (Salzburg): +43 (6546) 650 Info-point Heiligenblut (Carinthia): +43 (4824) 2212 FREE GUIDED TOURS of the Gamsgrube Nature Trail! Important information for coaches: Automatic number plate recognition at the ticket offices: It is required to drive up to the lighted barriers at the ticket booth. No dispatch possible at the car park by coach driver or tour guide. Ban on coaches over 3.5 tonnes for the Edelweiss Spitze. Important Information for bikers: Bikers Point with lockable safes at Edelweiss Spitze and at Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe. 10 GROSSGLOCKNER.AT

GROSSGLOCKNER 3.798 m JOHANNISBERG 3.453 m FUSCHERKARKOPF 3.331 m SONNENWELLECK 3.261 m HOHE DOCK 3.348 m PASTERZE 11 Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe M L 10 H G Schöneck I, J, K Fuscher Törl D Fuscher Lacke 5 Haus Alpine Naturschau 3 2 von Kärnten SÜDEN from Carinthia SOUTH N KASSA € € 12 F Panoramabahn 9 Hochtor 8 7 E 6 B 4 C Edelweiss-Spitze 1 HEILIGENBLUT AM GROSS- GLOCKNER O 1 Piffkar 1,620 m Exhibition „Salzburg‘s Tallest - the Fascination of Mountains“, playground, nature trail (30 min) through the special protection area with the “Larch Meadows”. 2 Hochmais 1,850 m Info-point “Glacier, the Rotmoos and the Altitudes of Vegetation”. 3 Haus Alpine Naturschau 2,260 m, Modern Museum of Ecology in the High Mountains, Marmot show and exhibitions, open-air installation “Salzburg‘s Tallest – Mountain Journeys”, botanical hiking trail “World of Lichen in the High Mountains”, Shop and Bistro. 4 Edelweiss Spitze 2,571 m Short access road to the highest vista with panoramic views of more than 30 three-thousanders. Bikers-Point. Not suitable for coaches. 5 Fuscher Törl 2,428 m Memorial. Panoramic terrace and most beautiful photo site on the north side. 6 Birds of prey information point 2,320 m 7 Fuscher Lacke 2,262 m Exhibition “Construction of the Road” in the original road keeper‘s house, a short walk around the lake (10 min), playground and “Mankeiwirt”. 8 Geological trail 2,290 m 9 Hochtor 2,504 m Head of the Pass. Exhibition “Pass and Sacred Site, Hochtor”, Educational trail: “Celtic-, Pack Train- and Roman Routes” (30 min), shop and bistro with a beautiful viewing terrace. 10 Schöneck 1,953 m Natural wonders, botanical hiking trail “Wonderful World of Glockner” (10 min), theme playground, guest house. 11 Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe 2,369 m, a perfect view of the Grossglockner and the Pasterze glacier. Visitor centre with exhibition “Success Story of the Automobile” & art exhibition “Alpenliebe”, Glockner cinema, Glockner panorama room, National Park Information Point. Wilhelm Swarovski Observatory: Mining and wildlife observation. Panorama Trails: Gamsgrube Trail to Wasserfallwinkel, Kaiserstein Trail and Glacier Trail (alpine trail). 12 Kasereck information office 1,911 m